How is PuroTetra Processed?

How is PuroTetra Processed?


Puro means Pure in Portuguese and Tetra is our microalgae species Tetraselmis Chuii, optimally grown at our plant in Leiria, Portugal. It is the purest, most nutrient-dense naturally-occurring Marine Phytoplankton available. Our microalgae species production process is unique and very demanding in quality assurance. The process has been optimized by our highly qualified and specialized R&D and accompanied by the most modern and sophisticated industrial and laboratory technologies.


We are one of the largest European producers of microalgae and certified by the European Organic Production Certification, ISO 22000, Halal, Portugal Sou Eu, ISO 9001 and GMP+ FSA. We are a leader in premium-quality microalgae biomass, food safety and dedicated to microalgae production and innovation.

PuroTetra brings you the best of nature from the sea! ‘The Jewel of the Ocean’


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